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Youth Education and
Community Outreach

This section hopes to inspire children, parents and teachers alike. What better way to learn about our history and the people that are important to us?

Design a Medal
Suggested Grade Level: 2nd Grade
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From the Doris Miller Activity Guide
(Courtesy of Austin Children's Museum)

Design a Medal
Doris Miller was awarded the Navy Cross Medal, a medal that recognizes a great act of courage. Can you design a medal, too? Use the materials below and create medal that you can be proud of! When you are done, share it with your family and classmates.

You can design your own medal!

Here are a few questions to help you get started:
1. Who would get the medal?
2. What kind of act would a person do to deserve the medal?
3. What does the medal look like?
4. Do you know someone in your life that deserves this medal?

Here is a list of suggested materials.
Be sure to ask your parents and teacher for help.

Construction paper or cardboard
Colored pencils
Pens to connect to the back of the medals

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